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Equipping the team is an essential element of effective children’s & family ministry. KidMin360 & Greg Baird offer a variety of options for doing just that. For volunteers, engage! is the perfect solution. Or, consider bringing Greg to help with leadership development, conference keynotes or workshop presentations.

engage! Children’s Ministry Volunteer Training


» en•gage :: to draw into or involve

Isn’t this what we are trying to do in Children’s Ministry? Ultimately, it’s to engage children in spiritual formation. Along the way, we want to:

  • engage children in the process of life-change
  • engage parents to be primary in the spiritual formation process
  • engage volunteers in a deeper understanding & practice of ministry
  • engage leaders (volunteer & staff) in the equipping process

engage! children’s ministry training, presented by Greg Bairddoes all that and more, right in your own church!

» Who leads engage! training?

Greg Baird, founder of KidMin360. You can see more about Greg on our About page.

Chris Yount-Jones, 

“Greg Baird is one of the most professional children’s ministers I’ve ever worked with. His extensive knowledge of children’s ministry is evident in the numerous articles he’s written for Children’s Ministry Magazine, including “Fully Equipped” and “Burnout-Proof Your Ministry.” Greg consistently got the highest evaluations in our national workshops where for years he presented to hundreds of leaders and volunteers. In all my interactions with Greg, I’ve been impressed with his integrity and graciousness. I highly recommend him…!”   Chris Yount-Jones, Executive Editor of Children’s Ministry Magazine, Group Publishing

» Options For engage! Training

Every training includes the topic(s) of your choice presented in an engaging, interactive and fun 45-60 minute session, complete with handouts (pdf file sent to you for printing). Formats include: 

1. Host training just for your team. 

Doing this allows you to pick and choose your topics, creating a customized event for your team of volunteers. Create a half day event (3 work shops) or full day event (5 workshops). Create custom segments to your day – for example, host an engage! training event in the morning and have Greg Baird do leadership training & teambuilding in the afternoon. Let’s have a conversation and build the right training event for your team!

2. Host an online training for your team

Get live, interactive training without the travel expenses for you and your team, or for bringing in a guest trainer. We can set up a training via Skype. Perfect for smaller churches or for teams within your ministry! 

3. Host a community wide training event

This offers a little more affordable option with a little less customization, but still provides great value and training options to meet the needs of your team. We’ll build the event together to make it a win/win!

4. Host a 1-Day Leadership Seminar

Bring the children’s & family ministry leaders in your community together for networking and a 1-Day Children’s & Family Ministry Leadership Seminar. Contact us for more details and customized options. 

» What topics are available for engage! training? 

Here are just a few (ask about customized options): 

  • Leading Children To A Life Changing Relationship With Jesus (volunteer)train contact
  • Discipline For Discipleship (volunteer)
  • Engaging Children For Life Change (volunteer)
  • 7 Teaching Tools Anyone Can Master (volunteer)
  • Understanding Today’s Kids…And Loving Them Anyway (volunteer/leader)
  • Spiritual Formation: What It Is & Isn’t (volunteer/leader)
  • Engaging Parents In Children’s Ministry (volunteer)
  • Leadership Matters In Children’s Ministry (leader)
  • The 360° Children’s & Family Ministry Leader (leader)
  • Initiating & Leading Change In Your Ministry (leader)
  • Taking Leaders From Here To There (leader)
  • It Takes A Team To Build A Children’s Ministry (leader)
  • Many other options are available – let us know what you need! 

Leadership Development, Keynotes & Workshops by Greg Baird

Greg Baird

Greg Baird, founder of KidMin360, speaks all over the country, including local church training and large events such as the D6 ConferenceChildren’s Pastors ConferenceLifeway Kids Conference and the Group KidMin Conference. Greg is available for your event to present workshops, leadership tracks, keynotes or customized staff development.

You can see more about Greg on our About page. And here are a few comments from conference attendees where he’s spoken:

“Practical, funny, authentic – very helpful and fun !”

“Great presentation, practical information I can apply immediately.”

“Wow! Great applications that didn’t overwhelm but gave hope.  Excellent resources and experienced and well modeled out speaker.”

“Great speaker — want to hear more.”

train contact“Very, very excellent. Thank you very much. God is using you. I can see it !”

“So well taught, can tell he is truly passionate about helping churches be successful in family and children’s ministry.”

Dates fill quickly, so please contact us today about having Greg speak with your team or at your event.

“I & my husband have had the privilege of hearing Greg as a keynote speaker.  He was clever, organized, clear, concise and very funny!  He gave much needed encouragement to the attendees, and it was obvious they enjoyed him immensely!  I have heard many, many speakers over the years and would rank Greg right up there with the best, especially as he lives what he believes.”  Jana Alayra, Jana Alayra Music

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