Dream Big

Dream Big

A guest post by Larry Hillman

As a leader you are the one entrusted with coming up with new ideas for your ministry. It is your responsibility to think out of the box. One way to do this is to take a few minutes today and dream. In fact it is a good idea to set apart a time each week and just dream. Dream about what type of ministry you would have if money was no object. If you had all the money you needed what would you do first? Buy curriculum, decorate rooms, hire staff, or change your praise and worship?

Many people think once in a while about where they would like their ministry to go, but most spend all their time just planning for next week. A leader should take time to look at the big picture 1, 2 or 3 years down the road. By looking ahead they increase their overall effectiveness and take the limits off of what God can do in their ministry.

I challenge you today to take time and dream. I mean dream BIG! Remember we serve a BIG God who wants to do some BIG things and He is looking for someone to use. Why can’t that someone be you?

Just think of all the things God could do with someone who was prepared, someone who had dreamed big, and had written down the dream. Someone who knew what they wanted and what they would do with twice as many children and twice as many workers and twice as big a budget.

Here are a few ideas to dream about to get you started.

  • where do you see your ministry is going,
  • ways to minister: small group, large group, age, online, youtube, etc
  • new way of recognizing first time attendees,
  • becoming known in your community,
  • making a difference in your community,
  •  keeping in contact with volunteers,
  •  imparting the vision of your ministry,
  • room arrangement and decorations
  • having a celebration at each service
  • recruiting new volunteers
  • training leaders, duplicating yourself

God gave Joseph the interpretation to Pharaoh’s a dream. That dream allowed them to prepare for the future. Because Joseph had the interpretation, Pharaoh promoted Joseph to a position where he had the money, resources and people to carry out the dream. God has a dream, He wants the world to know He loves them. And God is looking to give the money, resources and wisdom to someone who is willing to dream with Him.


Larry has always had a heart for reaching out and helping children. His career has spanned from school principal to children’s pastor to national children’s camp speaker  to author of children’s and leadership books. Larry is currently Associate Pastor at Faith Life Church in Tampa Florida.

Website  www.kidzrchampions2.com

One Response to Dream Big

  1. Your email popped up just as I was feeling SO overwhelmed with a building project that we have going on. basically, we have (borrowed) money to build but (little) to decorate. I am trying to find ideas on a (short) shoestring and I was thinking, “This is impossible.” Imagine my surprise when I looked down and your email scrolled up and it said DREAM BIG. Message from God? Pretty much. I WILL keep dreaming and I WILL keep dreaming BIG. Thanks.

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