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» Affordable
» Immediately applicable
» Practical for your church environment
» Personally led by Greg Baird

Two children’s ministry leadership coaching options available:

1. BASIC TRAINING for Children’s Ministry Leaders

Basic Training For Children's MinistryBASIC TRAINING is designed to help children’s ministry leaders (pastor, director or age level leader) understand and apply foundational principles for effective children’s ministry leadership.

No, Greg won’t scream and yell and get in your face like a drill sergeant – but he will help you master the basics to help you create healthy children’s ministry in your church! 

What do you get with BASIC TRAINING?

  • 8 sessions (over 16 weeks) which include equipping conversations about :
    • Exceptional Children’s Ministry: What It Looks Like
    • Establishing & Casting A Clear & Compelling Vision
    • Embracing Spiritual Formation As A Partnership Between Church & Home
    • Equipping Volunteers To Do The Work Of The Ministry
    • Expanding Leadership Capacity Throughout Your Ministry
    • Engaging Children For Life Change
    • Evaluating Your Ministry From Top To Bottom
    • Envisioning Greater Ministry Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Online, bi-weekly sessions (via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc.);
  • Individual, small group (4-6 from different churches; register individually & we will place you in a group) or team (4 – 6 from the same church) format;
  • Certificate of completion;
  • Bonus benefits (see below).


excelerate300Excelerate is designed to help any children’s ministry leader or team – regardless of experience, church size, location, etc. – “excel” at an “accelerated” rate.

A combination of coaching, training & consulting, Excelerate is a customized individual or small group (team from same church) leadership growth experience with Greg BairdExcelerate will help you master ministry leadership principles and immediately apply them to your own church setting.

What do you get with Excelerate?

  • 1 “start-up” session to identify needs and establish direction of your Excelerate experience
  • or 12 coaching sessions (3 or 6 months total time);
  • Online, bi-weekly sessions scheduled for mutual convenience (via Skype, Google Hangouts, Facetime, etc.);
  • Individual or team (from the same church) format;
  • Bonus benefits (see below).

Bonus Benefits Included with Basic Training & Excelerate coaching:

  • Anytime Access To Greg Baird (Basic Training & Excelerate) 
    You will receive a private email address and Greg’s personal cell phone # which you may use to contact him regarding quick questions that you may encounter between coaching sessions – think of these as “mini” coaching conversations.
  • Discounts to KidMin360 Services (Basic Training & Excelerate)
    You & your church will receive a 20% discount on any other service KidMin360 offers (consulting, training or staffing) for up to 1 year from the time you finish your coaching.
  • Ministry Resources (Excelerate only)
    You will receive occasional resources relevant to your leadership growth journey. These might be ebooks, book summaries, short training videos, access to large group guest coaching sessions, online discussion groups, etc. (And Greg is writing a new book which he’ll give you for free when it’s ready!)
  • Personal Assessments (Excelerate only)
    You will take 3 ministry assessments, including: Leadership; Personality; Spiritual Giftedness. You will also complete the KidMin360 Children’s & Family Ministry Leadership Questionnaire.
  • Bonus Session (Excelerate only)
    To review your Personal Assessments results & apply them to your ministry leadership (always an individual session).

For More Info, including pricing, or to Get Started, Please Contact Us Today!

Who Is Your Coach?

Greg Baird is a Children’s & Family Ministry veteran of nearly 25 years. He had the privilege of starting ministry under the leadership of John Maxwell, where he learned much of his leadership philosophy. Since then, he served in multiple church environments – multi-site; mobile (school); and state of the art – and in churches from 250 to 8000. He has helped hundreds of leaders and churches create healthy Children’s & Family Ministry.

For more about Greg, check out the About Page.

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